About Grow With Less

Growing an online business can be incredibly overwhelming.

  • How do you get noticed in a sea of similar online businesses?
  • How do you convince people to sign up for your email list?
  • Should you use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or SEO to promote your content?

These are all the questions I asked myself when I launched my blog French Together 7 years ago.

French Together traffic
Almost 300,000 people visited French Together in February 2019.

And after growing French Together to 290,939 monthly visitors, writing hundreds of articles and reaching 100k in revenue, I have come to a surprising realization:

Most tactics won’t help you grow, they will just overwhelm you.

  • You don’t need to promote your content on dozen of social media platforms.
  • You don’t need to write 3 articles per week.
  • And you certainly don’t need all the fancy plugins and tools marketers keep trying to convince you to buy.

That’s why you won’t find massive lists of tools and tactics on Grow With Less. Instead, you will find a handpicked selection of the best tools, SEO tactics, and copywriting tips.

My motto? Don’t add to the noise!

Bonjour, I’m Benjamin Houy !

headshot Benjamin Houy

I’m a tea-loving Frenchman living in London

At the age of 12, I created my first online “business”: a website full of annoying Adsense ads and Flash games. This didn’t work so I proceeded to create a video game, a clone of FMyLife and an online directory (these were cool back then, OK?)

My blogging journey began in 2009 when I created Parlons Allemand, a blog where I documented my hilarious attempts at learning German. The blog grew to 100 daily visitors before I sold it and decided to create what would turn out to be my first successful online business: French Together.

When I’m not busy blogging, you will frequently find me wandering around unknown cities, learning languages and reading about copywriting and ancient philosophers.

Since 2015, I have been a full-time blogger who earns an income that allows me to live in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world. If your dream is to run an online business full time without overwhelm, you’ll want to subscribe to my email list to get actionable advice on how to grow by doing less.

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