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The Overwhelmed Business Owner’s Guide to SEO

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What do you do when you spent hours writing awesome articles only to realize your mom and your best friend Dave are the only people reading them? That’s the question I asked myself 7 years ago after writing dozens of articles for my new blog French Together. I followed 10,000 words guides showing me how … Read more

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How to Overcome Information Overload and Make Real Progress with Your Business

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Being a solopreneur is exhausting. You wake up in the morning, check your emails and find dozens of new strategies waiting for you. Double your subscribers with this new pop-up! Use this little-known copywriting trick to get 32% more signups! How this simple tool helped me get 201,456 visitors from Pinterest! You then read a … Read more

Do Headline Analyzers Work? A Data-Driven Answer

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Headline analyzers are a popular way to come up with great headlines and try to predict their effectiveness. All you need to do is write your headline and the tool will give it a score telling you how effective it’s likely to be. But can these free headline analyzers accurately predict which headline will perform … Read more

Journorequest: The Little-Known Twitter Hashtag That Will Help You Get Quality Backlinks

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If you have ever tried to do outreach to build backlinks, you know how frustrating the process can be. You spend hours looking for the right people to reach out to, crafting your outreach emails and finally send them, already picturing yourself receiving a ton of quality backlinks in return. And then. Crickets. That’s because … Read more

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