Is Your Article’s Date Destroying Your Rankings?


Having a recent date associated with your article could be the difference between a page 1 ranking and a page 5 ranking. This means that you should not only keep your content up-to-date but also make sure that Google knows it’s up-to-date. This article will show you how to find out the dates Google associates … Read more

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How to Write a SEO Title Google and Your Visitors Love

page title search example

Writing a SEO title (also called page title or Google title) is considered difficult because you are writing for 3 main audiences. Visitors coming from search engines. Search engines. Visitors from social media. And writing a SEO title that ranks high on Google and gets shared on social media can often feel like mission impossible. … Read more

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The Overwhelmed Business Owner’s Guide to SEO

Minimalistic Home Office Cumputer Setup

What do you do when you spent hours writing awesome articles only to realize your mom and your best friend Dave are the only people reading them? That’s the question I asked myself 7 years ago after writing dozens of articles for my new blog French Together. I followed 10,000 words guides showing me how … Read more

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