Benjamin Houy

Everything was going great.

My blog French Together had just hit 357k monthly visitors, the French Together course had exceeded $300k in sales.

Then COVID happened.

My traffic slowly started to decrease, conversions got worse.

I ignored it at first, I guess I was in denial. I kept thinking things would get better and my traffic would magically reappear.

Except it didn’t. It just got worse.

“This is bad Benjamin, your income is way down, mortgage providers are not going to like that. Can you explain what happened? Is it because of COVID?”, my brutally honest accountant asked me.

That’s when it hit me. I couldn’t just keep waiting and hoping things would get back to normal, I needed to act.

So I decided to do something I had wanted to do a very long time: learn how to code and build a SaaS.

The SaaS in question is the French Together app and is now my main focus. My income hasn’t fully recovered but it’s growing every month and my traffic, while still down, is now at a respectable 200k monthly visitors.

My goal with Grow With Less is to candidly share everything I learn on my journey to $10k MRR, including:

  • What worked.

  • What didn’t work.

  • The lessons learned in the process.

Want to follow my journey and learn from my mistakes?

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