Is blogging dead?

That’s a question thousands of people ask every day.

I was curious to know the answer so I looked for statistics

Let’s settle the debate once and for all!

According to Google Trends, “blogging” peaked between 2004 and 2008. That’s at least when people were searching the word “blogging” the most. Over the last 4 years, the interest in blogging has remained stable.

Ahrefs’ data shows that 76,000 people google “blogging” every month.

Google Trends graph for “blogging”

Google Trends chart for “blogging”

But people searching the word “blogging” less could also be a sign that people are now familiar with the word and no longer need a definition, so let’s look at other words.

“how to start a blog” interest over time in Google Trends

Google Trends chart for “how to start a blog”

The interest in starting a blog peaked in 2011, then declined and has remained stable for the past 3 years.

The graph showing people’s interest in Wordpress shows a similar evolution. A peak in 2011 followed by a drop and a stable interest over the past few years.

interest in “Wordpress” according to Google Trends

Google Trends chart for “Wordpress”

There was a huge peak in people’s interest in “how to make money blogging” in June 2020. I don’t know if blogging is dead but people seem to turn to blogging as a way to earn money in time of crisis.

“how to make money blogging” Google Trends graph

Google Trends chart for “how to make money blogging”

Stats that prove blogging isn’t dead

The Google Trends data shows that people are still interested in blogging but I’m sure you want some numbers.

There were only 23 blogs on the internet in 1999.

There are 500.6 million Tumblr blogs as of June 2020. That’s 35.6 million more than in May 2019 (according to Wikipedia)!

Over 60 million websites use Wordpress in 2020. It’s safe to assume that many of these websites are blog.

5,005,642 blogs posts were written today (June 18th 2020) according to Worldometer. Although the counter moves so quickly the number was out of date one second after I wrote this.

According to Internet Live Stats, 1,715Tumblr posts are published every second.

In the US, there are 31 million bloggers who post at least once a month, according to Growth Badger.

According to Ahrefs’ data, 76,000 people google “blogging” every month while 10,000 people google “how to make money blogging”.

Ahrefs data for the keyword “blogging”

Ahrefs’ data for the keyword “blogging”

There are also 3.700 searches per month for the keyword “blogging” on Amazon and 7,000 searches on Youtube.

All these statistics prove that blogging isn’t dead, it has simply evolved. In 2020, blogging is no longer a trend, it’s a mainstream activity millions of people participate in.